Broadcast Documentary

Where Angels Fear To Tread

During the coverage of the Suffolk Murders in 2006, one woman became a regular in front of the television camers and in the newspapers. In this documentary Lou describes her life on the streets of Ipswich.

Lou would spend £1,000 a week on drugs and turned to prostitution to feed her habit. Many people were moved by Lou’s story. In ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread’, Frances looks at the circumstances which led to Lou’s predicament and tries to find a way of helping her towards a better life – one away from squats, drugs and working the streets.

The BBC EAST programme was broadcast on BBC One on Thursday 21 February 2008.

Read Frances Harper's thoughts (PDF).

My Son, Drugs and Me

Narrated by Davina McCall

My Son, Drugs and Me is an unflinching documentary which follows two mothers devastated by the damage drug addiction afflicted on their families. Drug addiction is every mother’s worst nightmare, regardless of income, class, personality, background, education, it can strike without warning and tear a family apart.

These parents have been pushed to the limits by their sons; who have stolen, cheated, and lied to them to the extent that it was no longer possible for them to remain in the family home.

You brought us one of the most impressive access docs!

Siobhan Mulholland, Sky1 Commissioning Editor.

Frances is always bursting with interesting ideas for television, especially about the modern world. She is brilliant with people and can charm the birds out of the trees. She is also resourceful, fearless, and never takes no for an answer! We worked happily together on a genuinely pioneering film for Sky TV My Son, Drugs and Me, entirely Frances's brainchild.


Great Yarmouth is steeped in maritime history, and was once a major fishing port. In recent years it has become better known as a popular seaside resort with its Summer shows on the Pier, and Golden Mile. Shops and restaurants now meet the demand of a culturally diverse population.

Located along the quayside is Yarmo, a factory that started producing garments for the fishing industry, and has since continued to produce work overalls and uniforms. Everything looks the same as it has for many years, but times are changing.
This is YARMO, a manufacturing hotspot for fashion. Production is on the increase because Kenzaburo Suzuki, a Japanese designer, has discovered that little has changed at Yarmo. They offer a style that he is looking for, everything that is British for his brand. Their annual visits to the factory with their flashing cameras tell a story embraced by shoppers in Japan.